Brutal Police Crackdown in Delhi and Kolkata on Insaaf March!

New Delhi (S.B.desk ) One year ago on this day Rohith Vemula was pushed to death after the HCU VC, Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatraya conspired to politically victimised Rohith and his comrades. Today after one year AISA held national protest day demanding Justice for Rohith, Justice for Najeeb and enactment of Rohith Act. In last one year the Modi government not only ignored the demand of Rohith Act to make Caste Based Discrimination in universities a Cognisable Offence, but also have indulged by inaction series of casteist and political victimisation in universities.

It is now more than 90 days that Najeeb of JNU is missing after assault from ABVP goons. Victimisation of political activists and Dalits in BBAU, Muzaffarpur, EFLU, JNU, BHU in last one year further shows the necessity of Rohith Act.

Rather than responding to the nationwide demand of Rohith Act, police Crackdown has been unleashed on students protesting against Rohith’s institutional murder. Hundreds of paramilitary forces were deployed at Mandi House to unleash violence on those who participated in Insaaf March in Delhi today. JNUSU President Mohit along with other activists were brutally thrashed. Aisa’s Insaaf March in Kolkata also faced similar violence from the police.

In Hyderabad Radhika Vemula was not allowed to enter HCU. Students of HCU were also detained by Police. The nationwide students uprise against the RSS’s takeover of educational institutions, demanding Justice for Rohith and Najeeb and Enactment of Rohith Act will only intensify.

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