Massacre in Syria! the Muslim world and so-called Muslim well wishers is silent

New Delhi S.B. Special Reoprt by Abdul Qavi ) Syria! (Sham) Beautiful and happy country of the Arabian continent is being transformed into debris due to the dictatorship of father and son …
The world is silent on Bashar al-Assad, who is bombing his own people in the name of establishing democracy. Both the US and Russia, both of whom are the so-called best wishers of humanity, are playing games. It appears that both the super powers are testing their weapons under a secret agenda on the Syrian citizens.
This is the America which sent its army in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan to fight in those countries, in the name of abolishing the dictatorship of the rulers of those countries. But today he is not seeing the dictatorship of the Assad government in Syria. And why is not he sending his army against Russia and Assad to fight? Why is he pretending to take action against Asad with the help of Turkish and Syrian rebels?
Just as Osama bin Laden had prepared the US to fight against Russia, so today, he is giving arms to the rebels to fight Assad and Russia …
After all, The US with rebels and Russia with Asad are assassinating both Syrian civilians.
Bombing of Syrian civilians from the sky, changing buildings in a heap, children and women’s bodies coming out of different debris. The dead bodies of children and women, dead bodies, bloody streets,
But the whole world remains silent. There is nobody can dare to stop Russia and the United States?
Millions of people have died since the last decade, most of them children and women, but the centers of all humanity have become dumb and deaf. They are Looking massacre of humanity.
The Muslim world and so-called Muslim well wishers is silent and it is amazing to be a mute spectator. Such silence on the massacre that no report is available in the media. Why are you afraid to tell the truth? Pakistan’s newspaper and newspaper of Arabia are busy in reporting the death of Sridevi,
“There will come a time when you will become more, but you will be under the other rulers. People will attack you like hungry people attacks on food.”
Consider the above mentioned things, 1400 years ago, is this the same period? For such a time it was said that whenever such a time came, gather on one platform and forget the differences and return to the path of Allah and His Messenger, and follow him.
Hey, Muslim community, you are a follower of Islam, which means peace.
Whenever the people tried to spread disturbance or human rights violations, God helped you.
But today you have been scared so much that even at the embassies and other places, you are afraid to protest.
The murder of an innocent person is the killing of humanity of the whole world, but from Syria to Palestine Burma, everywhere dead bodies of innocent children and women.
Today we are only living for ourselves, where oppression is not meant by us. Then say this to what the family is like. The massacre of humanity is happening and we can not dare to protest. We all have become dumb talking to humanity. humanity is dead !!
Remember, today you are a witness that you are openly seen to be humanity’s blood, but you do not even have the courage to oppose it. So when the historian writes the history of this era, surely your cowardice will be discussed. Your pride was 313, it was your ancestor. Remember that future generation will read the history of this period that you were in the whole world and innocent children and women were killed in front of you and you were watching the spectacle sitting in your own houses. Then people will be amazed by your cowardice and this period will be remembered for cowardice.

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