JMI hosts Extension Lecture on “G20 and Peace: Forging Global Consensus and Managing Crisis”

The Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (NMCPCR), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) hosted an extension lecture on March 9, 2023 on the theme “G20 and Peace: Forging Global Consensus and Managing Crisis” by former Professor Sujit Dutta who occupied the Gandhi Chair at NMCPCR. Prof. Kaushikee, Honorary Director welcomed the speaker and introduced him.

Prof. Dutta commenced his lecture by giving a background of the context in which the G20 originated – the developing economies came together amidst the shifting balance of power with the aim of amicably resolving the pressing issues confronting the world. G20 is a very important institution because global leaders actually meet here regularly and shape the agenda of world economics and in turn of global politics because economics and politics are deeply intertwined. Secondly, he highlighted the significance of India’s presidency and the constructive role it can play in achieving the agendas of G20. Thirdly, he mentioned how the mandate and agenda of G20 had expanded from financial to other areas like clean energy, health, and resilient growth.

Prof. Dutta underlined the background of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and its shadow on the recent G20 meet that failed to come up with a joint declaration. He offered a nuanced view on the security challenges amidst the rise of authoritarian China and the hostile US-Russia relations. G20 has global agendas but the shadow of great power politics is affecting it. He concluded that there is a need to create an ecosystem of resilient economic growth that will lead to the creation of democratic spaces for countries to forge alliances.

The insightful lecture was followed by a Q & A session wherein the faculty members, research scholars and students engaged with the speaker.

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